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Founded in 2018, IntellAgents is the fastest growing independent insurance data warehouse in the country. After years of serving the independent agent population throughout Ohio, IntellAgents has expanded their footprint by partnering with additional state associations: Florida, Massachusetts, Illinois, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.


Our mission

Strategic Business Partner

Create a new competitive advantage for agencies by aligning people, processes and products

Data & Analytics

Enable agencies to make more informed business decisions using technology and data

Change Agent & Innovator

Equip agencies with critical insights to help them thrive in an ever-changing marketplace


Provide agencies with unbiased guidance that arms them with the knowledge to succeed

IntellAgents leverages data to provide actionable insights to independent agents helping them grow, make informed business decisions, and compete in the changing insurance marketplace.

IntellAgents is focused on leading the industry, paving the way for independent agents to build a culture of data & analytics. By providing actionable insights, we will enable independent agents to further grow their businesses by making informed business decisions and improving overall performance.


Meet our people

With over 40 years experience, our team is passionate about providing actionable insights to improve the overall performance of independent agents.

Adam Crumrine
Adam Crumrine
Chief Executive Officer
Donny Houck
Donny Houck
Senior Data Analyst
Katrina Marschner
Katrina Marschner
Business Intelligence Coordinator
Kenya Shaheed
Kenya Shaheed
Marketing Coordinator
Phillip Bendt
Phillip Bendt
Data Visualization Engineer
Eric Clinton
Eric Clinton
Web Application Developer

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