Benchmark your goals. Measure your ascent. Developed in-house specifically to help independent agency owners, R.I.S.E. is a unique report that allows you to compare your agency to other relevant agencies within categories like carrier mix, employee salary & benefits packages, and more.

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Product-Line Mix

A successful agency is familiar with the overall assortment of its products and their respective profitability. This section identifies the percentage of your agency's commercial, personal, and life & health business, as well as your overall commission rate, and compares them to your peers.

Growth Indicators

Many factors can impact an agency's ability to grow consistently. This section will help you understand your growth drivers, how they compare to your peers and where to make future investments.

Employee Age Allocation

People are the most valuable asset in an agency. In this section, you'll learn what your bench strength is in each role to determine how you're positioned to serve your clients and successfully transition your business into the future.

Weighted Ownership Age

The broader the agency ownership, the more valuable the agency will be compared to narrowly held agencies. You'll learn whether your Weighted Average Shareholder Age (WASA) poses a threat to your talent retention and perpetuation strategy.

Employee Benefits

Are you offering health benefits, retirement, vacation time, life insurance, disability, education assistance, flex time? See how you stack up to other agencies of your size and in your area.

Carrier Influence

An agency's success is dependent on the carriers it chooses to do business with. This section will provide an overview of your top 5 carriers, including your production and concentration with each carrier. This can help you track, analyze and leverage data during your carrier negotiations.

Productivity Score

Productivity is a vital part of measuring any service-based organization. In this section, you'll learn about your agency's spread ratio and gain insight into your employee productivity and capacity.

Generational Health Overview

Attracting talent in your agency is critical, especially as part of your agency's perpetuation planning. This section will provide an overview of the age and experience of your staff and their impact on the overall production and service of the business.

Employee Compensation

Compensation is important for recruiting and retaining talent. Gain a competitive advantage by knowing how your compensation structure compares to other agencies in your region and your premium group.

Talent Acquisition Tips

It's estimated that by 2020, millennials will make up over 45% of the workforce. Learn what millennials want from a new job and how to attract young talent into your agency.

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