Website Release v.1.2.0

Written by Katrina Marschner April 27, 2020

COLUMBUS, OH (Apr. 25, 2020) – We have updated the IntellAgents’ Website to include a custom application, built in-house, for improved user experience and performance when navigating our R.I.S.E. Profile and Salary Survey, as well as future enhancement opportunities. Here are some of the key updates:

  • “Save & Continue” feature automatically built into all forms when user clicks “Next” button
  • Integrated “bulk spreadsheet upload” option to add all employees at once
  • Face-lift and additional insights added to QuickClicks Online Tools
  • Integrated “add” function for carriers, networks, and agency management systems
  • Dynamically populated carrier list based on the agency’s state
  • Automatically populate all employees and employee information in R.I.S.E. Profile and Salary Survey if the Agency Main Contact previously filled out employee roster through the Roster Management app
  • Cross-compatibility between data within the Roster Management app and the employee sections within the R.I.S.E. Profile and Salary Survey, allows for automatic population of all employees and their data
  • Dynamic “current” fiscal year customized to each agency, allows population and storage of data accordingly

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