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Talent Acquisition

Attract your Super Hero employee! Our compensation comparative analysis will arm your agency with a detailed understanding of the competitive salary and benefits needed to attract new and different talent to your agency and the insurance industry. Getting the right talent will extend the longevity of your business by strengthen your agency’s generational health.

Operational Efficiencies

Operating at peak performance takes discipline, but you also need to know what to measure to ensure you can reach your goals. Using our insights, you can better understand producer and overall employee productivity. This is a great step to realizing operational efficiencies, reducing unnecessary costs and ultimately improving your agency’s profitability.

Organic Growth

Growing your agency without an acquisition can be hard! By leveraging our multi-state network along with robust industry-specific profiling tools, we can identify new insurance market trends, geographic concentrations, and niche market opportunities. A better understanding of where the strengths within your business lie can help boost your organic growth.

Brokering Acquisitions

Targeting like-minded agencies through our network, using our advanced analytics matching tool, allows us to help you identify an opportunity for an agency acquisition or an opportunity to sell. We will work to ensure the transaction continues to foster your successful business partnerships and is the best fit for the culture and legacy you’ve built.


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What we offer your agency

Data Health

Consult on ways for agencies to capture relevant data in an efficient & effective manner. Maintaining 'data hygiene' is ever important.

Business Intelligence

Deploy strategies and technologies used by industry leaders for the data analysis of business information.

Predictive Analytics

Utilize statistical techniques (data mining, modeling, & machine learning) to analyze historical facts to predict future outcomes.


Providing at-a-glance views of key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to a particular agency objective or business process.

Process Improvement

Manage incremental improvement to deliver agent-valued overhead processes relating to improving efficiency, effectiveness, & flexibility.

Business Consulting

Providing hands-on subject matter expertise on growing your agency. Create a detailed plan to transition your agency to the next generation.


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IntellAgents Enters Partnership with Beyond Insurance

IntellAgents, an independent insurance data warehouse, has partnered with Beyond Insurance to provide data insights to help their agents grow, evaluate performance, and benchmark their goals. Click the button below to read more.


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